Fingerless Gloves - soft and yellow

They're done! Finally! My belted birthday present to one of my bestest friends. These gloves will keep her hands warm since San Francisco is usually always 10 degrees more cold than Southern CA!
And they're yellow to brighten up the foggy days. Not to mention yellow and gray were the color theme of her wedding in which I had the pleasure of being a bridesmaid! That's the whole story behind these gloves.

I found this pattern on made by craftylittlesewnsew. If I had larger gloves and thicker yarn then I would have tried to follow this pattern exactly.  But of course I like to make things easier by using circular or dpn needles instead of straight. I don't like sewing up side seams and like knitting in the round. It looks smoother to me! Below is my amended pattern.  Enjoy!

4 dpn needles size 4
2 stitch holders
2 buttons

DIRECTIONS (Make 2 gloves)

-          Cast on 16 sts each onto 3 needles (48 sts total) or all 48 on circular needles with markers
-          Row 1: k1,p1 repeat until end of row
-          Repeat Row 1 in 1x1 ribbing until piece measures 1 inch. 8 or 9 rows
-          Last row: k1, sl1, k1, psso,k13, sl1, k1, psso, k13, k2tog, k11, k2tog, k1
-          Purl one row
-          Knit one row
-          Knit 4 Rows in stockinette stitch
-          On 5th Row: place marker between 19, 20 and 21,22 so there are 2 sts between markers
-          On 6th Row:  increase by k to marker, slip marker, k1f2b, knit to 1 st before marker, and k1f2b
-          K 1 round even
-          Next row: knit to marker place 12 sts on holder, cast on 4 sts to round needle or main glove body, knit around
-          Next Row: k2tog, k2tog (the 4 you just cast on) knit around
-          Knit 6-7 more rounds
-          Purl one row
-          K1, p1 for 3 rows
-          Bind off
-          Cast on 8 sts to needle holder and divide onto 3 needles to work in the round
-          K 3 or 4 rows
-          P1 row
-          K1, p1 2 rows
-          Bind off
WRIST BANDS (make two)
-          Cast on 10 sts to dpn
-          Knit 1 row
-          Next Row: sl1, k2,p1,k2,p1,k3
-          Next row sl1, k to end
-          Next row : sl1, k1,p1,k2,p1,k3  TWICE and end on odd rows (starter string on left needle to begin)
-          Start buttonhole (on backside purls showing)
-          Next row: sl1, k3, bind off 2 st, k3
-          Next row: sl1, k2,p1, cast on 2 st, k the 2 cast on sts, p1, k3
-          *Next row: sl1, k to end
-          Next row :sl1, k1,p1,k2,p1,k3** . Repeat from* to **until piece is long enough to wrap halfway around wrist

-          Sew sides of wrist bands to gloves, and sew button to the outer side of glove so that the button holder can stay in place

Wooden Knitting Tools

Amazing Wood Knitting Tools by Dennis Burges at Wood Tree Mill

Check out these really useful tools - a must have for serious knitters! :)

One of my local yarn stores turned me onto these things. They are for sale at Yarns Del Sol in Mission Viejo, CA. Or order online through their website (click here). 

Happy Knitting! 

What Type of Knitter Are You?

From !

I'm an Agressive No-Blocking Rebel!

Knitted iPhone Case

Oh my gosh! So excited I found this! What a great gift!

iPhone Cozy Pattern by Liat Gat


Yarn: 25 yards fingering-weight (sock) yarn
Needles: One US Size 1 40– or 47-inch long circular needle, or a set of US size 1 DPNs
Gauge: 7 sts/in in St st.
Finished Measurements: 4.5 inches tall x 2.5 inches wide.
Fits perfectly over an iPhone that ALREADY has a case on it. Can easily be adjusted to fit Blackberries and other phones.

Notes: This iPhone cozy is worked in the round, from the “bottom” up.

Pattern Instructions:
CO 36 sts, leaving a 12-inch tail for sewing up the bottom edge. Join for working in the round.
Round 1: K
Round 2: *(K1, M1, k17), rep from * around (38 sts total).
Next: K until cozy measures 4.5 in from CO edge.
Next round: K1, p2tog, *(k1, p1) 8 times, rep from * around.
Work next 4 rounds in 1×1 rib.
BO using invisible ribbed bind-off, or other stretchy bind-off.
Using rem CO tail, and mattress st, sew up bottom of cozy on one corner for approx. 0.5 inches. Weave tail through one side of CO for 1 inch, then sew up other corner.
Weave in all tails.

Easiest way to count rows - video

If you ever forget where you left off...this video teaches you how to count your rows :)

I think every knitter needs to know this, as I have found myself in this spot many times!

And follow KNIT Freedom dot com for more super cool tips and instructions!